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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden(1949)

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  • response to previous review

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/18/19

    As a young singer Bing was rarely sentimental. As a young actress Margaret O'Brien was rarely anything but.

  • Too adorable ????

    • Terry
    • 4/1/19

    This movie is great , Margret O'Brien is great . To the reviewer who thinks Margret O'Brien is too adorable , that's like saying Bing Crosby is too good a singer. 5 stars - see it !

  • The Secret Garden

    • Carol
    • 3/30/19

    I love this film from Margaret O'Brien to Herbert Marshall and all of the rest of the cast including the raven.Watching it gives me the warm feeling of reading a wonderful novel. From beginning to end 5 stars.

  • secret garden

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/25/19

    After a good Kipling by way of Charlotte Bronte first twenty minutes the pace starts to drag and never really picks up throughout the entire film. Also, maybe because she was playing next to the greatest child actor ever to grace Hollywood, Dean Stockwell, Margaret O'Brien is more than usually annoying, either too shrill or too adorable. A stable of solid British actors at their best, notably Gladys Cooper, Elsa Lanchester, and George Zucco as a sympathetic doctor with advanced views on psychiatry, help things along but, as with most Clarence Brown productions, I kept fending off boredom. Give it a C plus. P.S. The scene where we first see the secret garden in color is, like most scenes in this film, a bit underwhelming.

  • Day Salute to Margaret O'Brien on Her Birthday

    • wonderfultonight
    • 1/15/19

    Best adaptation of the book.Dean and Margaret spot-on,ickon a little old for the part,but great acting all-around!

  • A film that lives up to the book

    • Mary
    • 7/19/18

    I'd never heard of this until I first saw it on TCM some years ago- the film itself that is, not the story. It was introduced by John Lithgow, who made me anticipate the movie with his praise, and he further said that the screaming scene between the two kids was one of the best acting moments ever. He wasn't wrong! I never thought two kids throwing fits at each other would make for amazing cinema, but it did. The film was an unexpected treat, and after more viewings it has become one of my favorite 1940s movie ever. Margaret O'Brien and Dean Stockwell go above and beyond in their roles. Herbert Marshall was so good that I didn't think about the creepier aspect of his character. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of sympathy showed to Mary- I mean, her parents had died, and also she had been shut away all her life because her mom was embarrassed by her not being beautiful. I think I'd be grumpy too! But that's a minor complaint, and it's made better because her life exponentially improves during the film. And the film looks gorgeous. Highly recommended.

  • I like this movie.

    • Lourdes Lohan
    • 2/21/18

    Angelina Alaskan Malador was made on January 5, 2015. I was born on January 24, 1987. Hooked On Phonics commercials were on TV when I was a girl. I remember "Animaniacs Ragamuffins" when I was a girl. Angelina Alaskan Malador should portray Belle on Broadway's Beauty and the Beast. She should satirize on South Park. Angelina Alaskan Malador should be a fitness video star. Peter Griffin from "Family Guy" does not like Angelina Alaskan Malador. Miss Holt was my second grade teacher. Ms. Grentz was a fifth grade teacher. Ms. Chaffin was a retired P.E. teacher. Ms. Chaffin's retirement party was at the gym. I was a transfer to home-school. Ms. Thomas missed me when I was a transfer. Miss Holt was a deceptive teacher.

  • The Secret Garden

    • malcolm alford
    • 5/10/17

    Ms. Margaret OBrien was something else in this movie, The Secret Garden.It is amazing how young she was at that time, and how she could remember all those lines.As one actor once said. "She look like she seven years old, but acts like a grown ups on stage. She was truly amazing actor.


    • WILL
    • 5/9/17

    After reading the reviews. I cant find ONE negative comment about this masterpiece, for children of all ages. Not that I was looking for one. This is what film making was and is all about. Best wishes MARGARET hope to see you on the cruise.

  • Wonderful Feature Version Of Classic Novel

    • perfect
    • 4/9/17

    Film opens in India,never realized Lowell Gilmore was in movie.He was quite good as British officer who knew Mary's mother,and thought her beautiful.Whatever happed=ned to Gilmore,saw him in 1955 tv adaptation of Jeckyl/Hyde with Michael Rennie/Cedric Hardwick,and although he was less than 50,he looked sickly.Margaret O'Brien spot on as Mary,great opposite Dean Stockwell.

  • Maggie O'Brien

    • Marissa
    • 4/12/16

    For all that Margaret O'Brien has done for film... whether it be the classic Meet Me In St. Louis or lesser known films I cherish, like Music For Millions, I absolutely admire what she did for the character of Mary Lennox. Growing up, The Secret Garden was one of my favorite stories, and I am simply blown away with the way that Maggie brought Mary Lennox to life before my eyes. What a wonder!!! Fantastic supporting cast! Must-see classic!

  • Don't be greedy.

    • michael lofrano
    • 11/26/14

    Margaret O'Brien in a featured roll. Could you ask for more? She makes everything right.

  • the secert garden

    • malcolm alford
    • 8/16/14

    I just got watch the movie The secret Garden and I must say it was very good to be able to watch the whole movie.Ms. Obrien was one child star you can not forget, wow she could talk up a storm. Who could ever out talk that girl SHE WAS ONE OF A KIND.

  • Dean Stockwell is a wonder

    • el debbo
    • 5/27/14

    And he was a wonder in so many movies, although after his appearance in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in the early sixties I haven't paid attention. Could one person be in three "Years" movies? Yes, 'The Green Years' 'The Happy Years' and 'The Careless Years'. Anyhow, Secret Garden is a sweet film, moreso to me because the book was my mother's favorite when she was a child in the thirties. I loved every undiluted character in Secret people grew and blossomed into uniqueness before the homogenization of mass media! Very good movie.

  • Hope Springs Eternal

    • Susan
    • 4/14/13

    This movie has a great lesson to be learned or to be reminded of...Done in 1949, it has a wonderful artistic technique added to it....the use of black and white and then some color in some places....thoughtfully produced and elequently acted....Bravo!

  • womderful!

    • jack
    • 4/13/13

    The 1949 movie with Margaret Sullivan is the one to watch. The story and characters are captivating' Kept us glued to the screen. Wondeful family movie. It skillfully weaves three plotlines, the story of Mary, of Colin and the uncle Archiebald Craven. It is a story of friendship,mystery, and especially of overcoming tragedy.

  • Charming, delightful!

    • Lillian Calloway
    • 4/13/13

    I loved this charming version. Would love for my children to see it , so really hope it will be released in dvd format. I missed the beginning, so I hope Turner movies will at least replay it and I will hopefully catch it from the beginning. Thoughly delightful!

  • Love it!!!

    • Athena
    • 4/12/13

    This movie is so good! It's the ultimate family film. Why haven't they put it on DVD yet? Put it on ITunes, too!

  • Wow!

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 4/12/13

    After reading all the other reviews, mine seems paltry. (So please read their reviews for intelligent responses.) I agree with all they say in praise of this movie. This is the second time I've seen it. And, I guess why I like it so much is because as a child (well I still do) I always wanted to find a secret garden so bad. Or, secret rooms, secret passageways, secret worlds, and so on. I've never quite truly found one (okay maybe once while at an open house, but the realtor showed it to me, so I didn't "find" it myself). Also, for some reason I'm too lazy to figure out, this movie reminds me of "Rebecca". Another one of my favorites (book and movie).

  • Truly inspiring

    • Charlotte Ambrose
    • 4/12/13

    I saw this film in 1950 as a seven-year old child and was completely captivated. I was told at the time I was the spitting image of Margaret O'Brien, so of course was initially horrified by her snooty behaviour early in the film. I found the film at first gloomy, depressing and heavy on theh spirit yet I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. As the film progressed, I found myself cheering for the way the cloaks of doom, anger and frustration were tossed aside to embrace that which is beautiful and uplifting in nature and in each other. I recall saying, as I watched it that first time, a prayer that the father would come to his senses and embrace his son's new-found freedom and happiness. The end of the film reduced me to a puddle of tears and therein lies the true value of this film...that there is always hope, that obstacles can be overcome and having a positive attitude can inspire greatness in anyone, no matter their station in life. The acting in this film is brilliant and the entire spectrum of emotion was played by each in such a believable and natural way. The occasional injection of humour never seemed a deliberate attempt to lighten things up just for the sake of it...a difficult thing to do in film. Over the past six decades, I have watched this film perhaps a dozen times and it never fails to bring something new to mind. I have now recorded it on DVD and will probably watch it another dozen times before I'm finally swept off to my own "secret garden". I think all parents should view this film with their children...there are many wonderful life lessons to be learned.

  • The Secret Garden

    • Anthony
    • 4/12/13

    I love this movie. I'm am so glad that I own it, so I can watch it over and over again!! It has moments that will make you want to cry, and it also has funny parts. EVERYONE should watch it!!! Put it on DVD so lots more people will see it! :)

  • Brilliant film!!!

    • Esther
    • 4/12/13

    I absolutely love this movie! It is one of my favorites of all time. Every one should see it. It is by far the best version of the Secret Garden there is. The acting is superb! Dean Stockwell, Margaret O'Brian, and Brian Roper did an amazing job!!! I give it ten million stars!! When are they going to put this on DVD? Come on!!

  • a remarkable movie

    • jack coe
    • 9/26/12

    This movie should not be missed. Over the years, I have seen this movie many times. Each time I have found something new to marvel at. On one level, this is an entertaining family picture. On a deeper level, a study of decay and spirtual renewal. While the cinematography and acting are outstanding and the supposed lead, Margaret O'brien gives a solid performance, this movie really belong to Dean Stockwell who was 11 at the time the movie was made. His performance is absolutely riveting.The last scene,where Dean Stockwell arises from his wheelchair to walk to his father, was filmed in one take and without rehersal. It has become one of the greatest scenes in all of Hollywood history. I have only the VHS format since at this time there is no DVD version. On thanksgiving Day this year, TCM will show it at 4pm (ET). Hopefully, this will create enough demand for a DVD version and create a groundswell for a Dean Stockwell childhood movie event. He was perhaps the best of the child actors of the last century. Unfortunately, today he is remembered only for his later movies and TV roles. While they were fine, nothing matched his childhood movies.

  • The Secret Garden

    • Alan Katzer
    • 9/26/12

    The 1993 remake of the orginal The Secret Garden is out on VHS tape. I cast my vote for The Secret Garden to be release on DVD.

  • The Best EVER !!!!!

    • Sandra Lott
    • 8/11/12

    Absolutely Wonderful!!! Five Stars!! If possible, I would give it 10!!!

  • WOW!

    • 4dogmama
    • 1/15/12

    I had heard about this movie and finally had the chance to see it! I love Margaret O'Brien, so knew it would be good. I was not disappointed one bit! Love that the entire movie is in black and white but the beauty of the Secret Garden is in color! WOW! I thought the Wizard of Oz was the only movie to employ that technique.

  • "The Secret Garden"

    • rayban
    • 11/24/11

    A beautiful and powerful film about childhood, it contains a stunning performance from Margaret O'Brien. And she was only 12 years old, and "The Secret Garden" was her last film at MGM? You don't really want to accept that awful fact, do you? In 1947, Miss O'Brien made another stunning film about the dark side of childhood, "The Unfinished Dance". She should've had a much longer film career - as a child star - at MGM.

  • A genuine classic - Five Stars all the way

    • KC Walker
    • 10/10/11

    The Secret Garden has been one of my favorite movies since I first saw it. Margaret O'Brien was an incredibly gifted actress and her performance in this movie was spot on. I highly recommend this family-friendly movie to anyone looking for real entertainment.

  • the secret garden

    • edith
    • 5/16/11

    a very good movie and needs to be seen again.

  • The Secret Garden

    • Kimberly
    • 9/10/10

    I'm lucky enough to own this on VHS, but can't believe it's not available as of yet on DVD. This was one of my favorites as a child and I've read and re-read the book many times.

  • Secret Garden

    • Diane
    • 3/1/10

    Secret Garden (1949) with Margaret O'Brien is the best movie version I've seen of this story. It is relevant to the 21st Century and should be made available on DVD as soon as possible. The black and white starkness of the film matches the mood and demeanor of characters living near a moor in all their bleakness. Character growth and development naturally bring beauty and color into lives that begin changing first with fragile hope and then blossoming into healthy and truly alive human beings. It is a timeless masterpiece that should not stop being shared at the level of VHS technology. The children of today need this message. The adults of today need to be reminded and guide the children, accordingly.

  • The Secret Garden

    • Sharon
    • 1/6/10

    I love this classic movie, I think it delivers a great message. I don't think that the remakes of timeless classics that they make today do any justice to the movies.

  • The Secrte Garden

    • Khalilah
    • 12/19/09

    This is an excellent movied with a wonderful message. I was wondering why it has not been shown again on TCM. I would love to own this movie, however, it is not in circulation.

  • The Secret Garden

    • Terri
    • 12/13/09

    When I was a little girl is when I first saw this version of the Secret Garden. This is by far the best version of all. The movies of the I call older days were in my opinion the very best. The acting was by far more believable and great. You are scooped up and taken away with them. Please let's get this one on DVD!


    • Rich
    • 1/15/09

    I turned on my TV and as always it was tuned to TCM. An interesting B&W film was well under way. As with all great films in two minutes I was roped in. I went to the computer and went to TCM's website to discover the name of this wonderful film, which, by the way, is still playing behind me as I write this message. I was sad to find it is not available on DVD as of now. I must keep an eye out for it in the future and dig out the old VHS. I had a funny feeling it was an MGM picture. :)

  • HEY!!

    • Clark
    • 1/1/09

    My girlfriend saw this movie on TCM and has raved about it. We tried to find it on DVD but, yes you guessed not on DVD. Let's make this happen people. Get more votes!!!!!!!!!

  • Classic Secret Garden

    • Sandy
    • 9/22/08

    This is a perfect example of a classic movie. The selected use of technicolor made a huge impact on viewers, like my then 9 yr old daughter. The only thing she asked for for her 10th birthday was this DVD. I felt like I let her down when I couldn't get it for her. Maybe someday I can fulfill her request.

  • Needs to be on DVD

    • Todd
    • 7/11/08

    This film has everything going for it...cast, cinematography, direction, sets, music, EVERYTHING! It's a shame it's not on DVD. There are numerous DVD editions of the 1993 remake. Come on, Warner Bros, let's get this one restored and on DVD now!


    • 6/9/08


  • 'Forgotten' classic, needs to be on DVD NOW!

    • Rick
    • 5/20/08

    Yesterday I saw it for the very first time on TCM and was absolutely blown away. I only knew of this film vageley, but after seeing it can not understand why this film is not better known. All the lead actors were fantastic, with Margaret O'Brien delivering one of the finest performances I have ever seen (child nd adult acting). The range of her acting in this movie is absolutely amazing.The cinematography is just beautiful. Having not seen the movie before and knowing not much of it, my mouth dropped when they entered the revived garden and everything was in..... well let's not spoil the surprise completely.The directing was superb; tight, suspenseful and all together gripping.This film so needs to be restored to it's fullest glory and then be released on dvd 'Wizard of Oz' deluxe style.

  • Adorable

    • Jenna
    • 3/22/08

    I really liked this movie!!! I thought that this was a terrifc movie! Margaret O'Brien is really great in this movie! all the children did a great job in this movie. I loved it and think this movie should definitly be on DVD!!!

  • No dvd of this classic???

    • Morgan
    • 3/22/08

    It is absolutely absurd that the 1949 classic, "The Secret Garden", is not available on dvd, while the inferior remakes are to be found in abundance. How in the world could TCM, of all venues, not offer the 1949 film??

  • Hot!

    • jack
    • 3/8/08

    Top notch statement of problem parents.


    • Jane Carey
    • 3/4/08

    Why is it that hardly any of Margaret O'Brien's movies have been put on DVD???She was such a good child actress and in so many movies, it's a wonder that the studios can ignore putting all her movies onto DVD. This is a particularly good version of "The Secret Garden" and definitely deserves to be seen by the current generation. Hopefully it will be released on DVD soon!?!

  • Almost as good as "It's a Wonderful Life."

    • Ronald
    • 11/19/06

    This old black and white movie has a colorful surprise. First, the movie begins like so many old films, dark and deliberate, then takes an uplifting and colorful turn. As the Secret garden is discovered the film bursts into Technicolor. (Similar to "The Wizard of Oz") Not only are the characters interesting and sometimes funny, but in the end finding and opening the secret garden opens up the floodgates of emotion for all. You will cry tears of joy. I can't wait for a DVD re-mastering of the film Vote for it!

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