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Cary Grant

Cary Grant



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  • Cary Grant

    • Ange
    • 2016-11-28

    It's the 30th Anniversary of Cary Grant's passing on the 29th November. I can't see any films of his listed on TCM.

  • I love Cary.

    • AC
    • 2015-07-25

    A year ago, I have no idea who Cary Grant is. My first OH crush was James Stewart. I was into Jimmy Stewart and his movies at first. And then I watched The Philadelphia Story...well, hello C.K. Dexter Haven! You can say it was love at first sight! Cary Grant is not only one handsome bloke but he has that charm that you cannot quite describe. His charm is so magnetic that I can't even imagine how it feels to be in his presence. Aside from his obviously handsome looks, his magnetic charm, the man is elegant, suave and a debonair...and witty and funny, too! Plus, the man can act-well it's quite sad that he didn't win any competitive Oscars. But the important thing is that generations after generations didn't forget about Cary Grant; his movies lived on. And I think that no one - I mean, NO ONE - can ever replace Cary Grant as the perfect leading man with handsome good looks and funny too. Cary is the one and only.

  • Incredibly talented actor

    • Jeff
    • 2015-04-24

    Cary Grant should have received an Oscar---he is probably the finest film actor ever. He can do drama, comedy, adventure, romance. There are several excellent chapters about his talents in a book about North by Northwest. It is Hitchcock's North by Northwest: The Man Who Had Too Much. Talks about everything from Cary's physical grace to that famous grey suit. Recommend the movie and the book and just about anything with Grant.

  • The last of the classic movie stars

    • Susan
    • 2015-01-22

    Cary Grant had such a sureness of who he was. He gave all he had to his characters. You would never doubt who he was. So kind and such a gentleman. I thought so much of him I named my two male tuxedo cats after him. One is Cary, the other Grant. He looked so extremely handsome in a tuxedo. Ergo the names. He had such charisma. No other person on the screen has EVER come close to his talent. The Absolute best was "An affair to remember.". There was a redo but Cary Grants portrayal of his character (in my opinion) will not ever be matched. He had the total package. Humility, charm, a word that is never heard of the day and age. He took his work seriously. He gave all he had to please the audience. There was no way to not fall in love with Cary Grant. He gave a person hope that the PERFECT MAN may be out there somewhere. Such a dream. In my real life I have the closest person possible to fill his shoes. My husband of 10 years.

  • Ahh, Cary Grant!

    • christine silvers
    • 2014-10-29

    When I was twelve, my friends bedroom walls had posters portraying, Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson, Bobby Sherman, and the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley; while in my bedroom, one wall was dedicated to Cary Grant, I was in love! I had dreams of growing up and marrying him. Of course that never happened, but I am still looking for a man that remotely measures up to the characters Cary Grant played on the Silver Screen. Handsome, hero, rebel, suave, debonair, gentlemanly, romantic, serious, and funny. A man who could portray any roll from comedy, to noir with such finesse! No one can ever compare! I still love you, Cary Grant...see you on the other side someday.

  • I wish he was the man next door

    • Carol Hall
    • 2014-08-26

    As a child, I have always been a long time fan of Mr.Cary Grant. Things didn't change much as I reached adulthood. If I had to say one thing about Cary was the looks that he give that were only his and his alone. I think many fans might kniw the look that I'm speaking of. One movie stands out to describe the look was in the movie ""TO CATCH A THEIF" of course directed by the very talented "Mr.HITCHCOCK". The scene was when Cary hoped aboard a bus and a cage of "birds" was next to Cary, and then the movie shot scanned to his left and there was Mr. Hitchcock sitting next to him, as he made it his signature of appearing in all of his movies he directed. I have to admit that I do have some favorites that Cary starred in. But as a whole, each actor has that something that words cannot describe, CARY GRANT is among those names. Very handsome and talented, Thank goodness i am married to my one and true love, my own Cary Grant!! Now that's one of the ones who you would love to be the guy next door! Thanks to TCM for allowing my input on the subject. Sincerely, Carol Hall

  • A gentleman who made a difference.

    • The Buck Town Kid
    • 2013-09-25

    Mr. Grant in real life became the person that you saw on screen. He was easy to spend time with and to talk to without any sign of ego or superiority. He was charming, funny and clever with a smart sense of humor. His professionalism was something to behold and his manner of behavior with his fans was always mutually respectful. The last two days of his life were spent traveling to the heartland from Los Angeles, flying into a beautiful sunset on a lovely evening, the next day, visiting the two very unique homes, the Mississippi River made famous by Mark Twain and the birth place of Buffalo Bill. He and his wife enjoyed seeing the real America.

  • Absolute Favorite

    • Brittaney
    • 2012-12-20

    My mother's best friend introduced me to old movies and Cary Grant when I was a child. Bringing up Baby was the first classic film I ever watched and was my foundation of love for old films. I have several favorite actors and actresses from this era, but there is no one who compares with Cary Grant. It is impossible to pick a favorite of his films as they are all so mesmerizing. One of the thrills of my life happened this year when I was able to watch The Philadelphia Story on the big screen. While I've seen this film many times, there is nothing like seeing it on a movie screen as originally intended. Cary Grant was flawless and a talent that will always be missed.

  • Lunch With Cary

    • Jonathan J. Jaffin
    • 2012-02-12

    My Dad was known as The Dentist To Broadway he had a practice in The Empire State Bldg and had many many Broadway stars and belonged to The Friars Club and later The Lambs Club which normally required its members to be in show business. Before moving to Calif., he was good friends with my Dad. Often my Dad would bring us in for a Tooth Check and on that day, I overheard him asking my Mom to join us because he was having lunch with Cary. My Mom replied, "You've told me that evey month since he moved to the West Coast!" I was only 10 yrs old, but I knew his name, but at my age, what that mean? Well after "The Tooth Check", we headed to Tavern on the Green. We waited for a while but then I saw him enter the restaurant. He walked right past us as whispers were made evey foot he took saying "There's Cary Grant!" Well as he passed our table, my father looked ver dejected, and then Cary spun around an said "My dear doctor!". They embraced and chatted like two schoolboys who hadn't seen each other in twenty years. Cary took the time to send myself and my brother autographed pictures but didn't stop there, he enclosed two letters telling us how great a friend my Dad was. Years later, I saw North By Northwest and ever since then, I always told people of how I had lunch with Cary Grant, and it makes me even prouder of my Dad.

  • A Class Act

    • Diane Carpenter
    • 2011-12-28

    Cary Grant is my idea of the perfect man. He is tall, handsome, charming, every bit the gentleman, and has a great sense of humor with a slightly skewed look at life. He always strived to make himself better and succeeded in rising above his poor childhood to become one of the most beloved and sought after movie stars of our time.

  • cary grant

    • nancy bible
    • 2011-12-02

    i could watch him every day. the best [ro that ever lived.

  • Wonderful!

    • tabbytee
    • 2011-11-21

    Cary Grant is so amazing! He is my favorite actor! Love all his movies! He could be funny and serious. He was brilliant at it! They just dont have actors like him anymore!

  • Cary Grant: The Best Actor... Ever

    • Mer~Mer
    • 2011-02-05

    No other actor can compare to Cary Grant! He is suave, dramatic & funny. I have enjoyed watching his movies since childhood =)

  • The finest actor I've ever seen.

    • Wendolyn Edwards
    • 2010-12-05

    I've seen just about every one of Cary Grant’s movies and I love every one of them!! My favorites are Philadelphia Story, Notorious, Bringing Up Baby, The Talk of the Town. I haven’t found a Grant movie I don’t like yet and I suspect I never will!! He could play the suave tall dark and handsome, debonair part and the comedic, softer side as a family man. Truly a REAL actor with wholesomeness. That’s the appeal for me. I believe he probably went to his grave not knowing how much he’s impacted the industry. If he was still alive today he would be 106 years old! And we are still raving about his work. I truly agree with the comment that actors like him come around once every century. . . I believe hard as they try, none will ever match his acting style, ability, wholesomeness, and finesse behind the camera. It may be a small thing but I enjoyed the upright stance he had. He was tall and always had perfect posture. Hollywood will be void forever!

  • Once every Century

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-10-01

    An actor like Cary Grant comes to us about every 100 years so enjoy him and his films when you see them. I'll never see anyone like him in my lifetime.

  • Amazing actor

    • Lindsey
    • 2010-08-18

    I've been a fan of him since childhood, and he's one of my favorite actors. There aren't enough words to describe how much I admire him! He was extremely talented, and the definition of class. I've never seen a Cary Grant movie that I didn't like.

  • Great Actor

    • JLT
    • 2010-08-01

    I can't say enough about this guy. A delight to watch. His body of work is significant as he'd been in so many different roles. As a comedic actor he is unparalleled. His timing is tremendous, and his ability to have mastered the subtleties of comedy, voice and facial expressions, and physical stamina are remarkable. He just appears to be a genuinely like-able guy--well mannered, handsome, and polite. His personal charm comes through on screen. I really like him.

  • The quintessential movie star

    • Sherry
    • 2010-03-14

    Cary Grant...there is no superlative that can cover the range of Grant's acting chops. A true master of screwball comedy with a mix of endearing charm and wit, makes him in a league of his own. And his looks! Gorgeous! There will be no other like him.

  • A Class Act

    • G
    • 2009-10-16

    A range in acting surpassed by none. Drama, comedy, you name it he could do it all. Great actor, very hamsome, class act of this century. g

  • I love Cary Grant!

    • Chelsey
    • 2009-09-28

    He's the best

  • I love Mr. Grant

    • Alana
    • 2009-09-20

    I cannot think of a single movie of Mr. Grant's that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed. They don't make them like that anymore. Which is a shame.

  • cary grant: debonair

    • robert beatty
    • 2009-06-23

    cary grant was a debonair movie star who was best at light comedies such as "his girl friday" and "operation petticoat". he was good in action films like "gunga din" "only angels have wings" and "destination tokyo". he was of course great in suspense thrillers like "suspicion" and "charade". grant was a likable easy going actor who usually played cary grant, but he had a charm and devilish attitude that made him a appealing screen legend.

  • A Timeless Cary Grant

    • Elizabeth
    • 2009-05-11

    When I was a little girl I adored Cary Grant, his looks, his voice, and what a gentleman he seemed to be. Infact I believed that I was going to marry that man when I grew up. Cary Grant had such class. I'll never get tired of his his movies. By the way I was a little girl in the seventies not realizing all those movies I enjoyed were made way before I was born.

  • The Best

    • paul justham
    • 2009-02-21

    One class act in everything he did

  • King of all stars

    • Varla
    • 2009-01-31

    Brilliant in every genre and possibly the most charismatic person to ever make movies

  • Forever.

    • Amy
    • 2009-01-25

    He is the original George Clooney... and a million times more talented! He is timeless.

  • Timeless

    • olive
    • 2009-01-25

    I discovered Cary Grant in "The bishop's wife" instanly he became my favorite actor he is efortless, he makes me feel enchanted.

  • cary grant is the best

    • joan hannon
    • 2009-01-02

    he is handsome funny serious sometimes he is the best actor ever he always makes my day i am entranced by him

  • Thank You for keeping movies alive

    • Mary Ann
    • 2008-12-31

    Cary Grant is the best leading man, he not only is daringly handsome,he did play any type of role from comdey to thriller, and you were still mezmerised by his acting skills. Truly the most handsome leading man of his time.

  • mystery man

    • dennis
    • 2008-12-10

    There is awholw lot of speculation on C.G.'s alleged homosexuality including his friendship wit R.Scott.Also theclosest approximation of the real C.G, was None But The Lonely Heart in which He played a cockney neer do-well.

  • Carry Grand not T !!!

    • Anary
    • 2008-11-27

    He is the real deal! Best of all times!

  • He's the greatest!

    • Nancy
    • 2008-11-11

    Cary Grant was the greatest! There will never be another actor who comes close!

  • Cary Grant became a Grandfather.

    • Bobbie-Jo
    • 2008-11-07

    Mr. Cary Grant must be smiling down from heaven, as his daughter Jen. gave birth to a baby boy late 2008, she named Cary Grant. It is a moving tribute to the late great leading man of his time. Congratulations to Jen, and welcome to the world Cary Grant II!!

  • none

    • Pat Williams
    • 2008-10-02

    Cool Site.

  • The epitome of a gentleman

    • Peter
    • 2008-09-09

    Cary was a tremendous actor who could play any role but his greatest strength was that he downplayed his looks and acted as he was any ordinary person but the suave and sophistication always came through.

  • Elegance, Sophistication, Savoire Faire

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-08-28

    From comedy to drama, Grant's seeming light touch is the result of masterful acting technique combined with good looks. From "Notorious", to "To Catch a Thief", to "North by Northwest", to "The Philadelphia Story" name four that stick out for me....his elegance and intelligence just come right through the screen. His undeniable charm and effectiveness as an actor, is of the highest order.

  • Cary Grant A great actor of all times.

    • Eleanor
    • 2008-08-14

    Cary was a great actor and could fit in any type of screen. He was a ladies man and all the ladies actresses would work with him even if they were just getting started in the movie field.He was great in comedy and dram.He was excellent with Katherine Hepburn in the Philadelphia Story and other movies they played together.I loved and have watch all of his movies.He was good playing with Greer Garson . Cary Grant and Clark Gamble were and always will be the two top male stars in my eyes now and forever.They could do no wrong.Great actors.

  • WHAT A MAN!!

    • grannygrits
    • 2008-07-06

    Cary Grant is the epitome of elegent men. He is what every woman wants.

  • One of my all time favorite actors.

    • Lisa
    • 2008-05-20

    They just don't make guys like Cary Grant anymore, and he does epitomize the idea of a true movie star. In his earliest movies he is so young, handsome, vibrant & funny, he is irresistable.

  • why not show every flipping film he was in?

    • james prichard
    • 2008-05-19

    i have seen them all, except those 3 or 4 that are lost . if they are not lost ,there is no excuse to not show them . every single film . there is no one else that comes close to mr. grant's phenomenal screen career,sorry every other actor , but he is easily the best. every film he was in was great because he was in it. come on turner people , get the films to the public. we do not need philadelphia story 30 times a year. trade for 10 mr.lucky's and the 4 howard hawk's 10 times a year. play the obscure movies. get a new programmer, or let robert osborn decide. he knows all the great films by everybody, so let him choose all the films for the next twenty years. even the films between midnight and 6. sci fi, drama, comedy, foreign, it is a no brainer.osborn chooses all films all the time. until 2030

  • new fan

    • dsmooth
    • 2008-04-18


  • Cary Grant.. charisma and sex appeal

    • QueenieBee
    • 2008-04-12

    I have been in love with Cary Grant since I saw his first movie as a child. I continue to watch his movies and share them with my children. I love and appreciate them more each time I see them. What a wonderful man. His charisma and sex appeal comes across the screen still today! There will never be another one like Cary Grant!

  • A new fan

    • Nancy
    • 2008-04-02

    Just started watching his films so I haven't seen a lot. But he is great so far.

  • the talk of every town

    • lizz
    • 2008-03-24

    i only caught him near the end of his life and i am very sad for this. his style of acting covered a great range and he captured the hearts of millions for the greater part of the last century. i can't limit myself by saying i have only one favoret film of mr. grant's. his inocsence and tender love in the talk of the town hooked me to this perfect man. yet his suspensful acting in Suspision had me on the edge of my seat the entire mopvie. loved by many this man is deeply missed by everyone. even in his later movies liek walk don't run and father goose he still captured the role and flalessly made us fall deeper on love with him. to cary archibald leach......the one the only, film star.

  • No one else like him!

    • Victoria
    • 2008-03-07

    The very first movie I saw of Mr. Grant's was Bringing Up Baby and I've had a love affair with him ever since! I've seen practically every Cary Grant movie since my viewing of BUB and I find that my eyes are always focused on him and nothing else in every scene. It's not just his enormous sex appeal; it's his mannerisms, gestures and facial expressions that captivate you every time. There will never be anyone like him. He was truly an original!!

  • One of the best ever

    • Russell Boyd
    • 2008-03-04

    Who would not love this man,both on and off the sceen.He is my favorite actor.One to remember with a smile.

  • What A Man!

    • Nissa Gilsdorf
    • 2008-02-24

    I love Cary Grant! I saw him for the first time in Arsenic and Old Lace and I new I had to see more. Since then I have started collecting his movies and hope to get all of them. You do not see his kind of acting any more.


    • Florence Peters
    • 2008-02-06

    I love Cary Grant.He is one of my favorite actors.They just don't have actors today that can compare to him.

  • I love Cary Grant.

    • melissa
    • 2008-01-30

    He is the best of the best.I have some movies of this grat man.I am going to get all his movies.I have his biography.I keep my tv on TCM.When he is on tv or i put on a movie of his i am in heaven that is were my mom is and me and my mom use to watch Cary Grant .I know that he is in heaven becaues he is one of my Angels.Now that i watch him myself i know that my mom is with me in spirit.

  • The true leading man

    • Mary Melinda Kinnaird
    • 2008-01-30

    Cary Grant was simply the best. I love his movies! As far as I am concerned, he could do no wrong on screen. Handsome and debonair, the prototype of what everyone thinks a leading man should be. Cary Grant was a true leading man. He was a wonderful actor. I could watch his films all day and never tire of them. He was truly the best.

  • The Best

    • Vickisanders
    • 2008-01-21

    simply the best


    • jennie
    • 2008-01-20


  • Dashing Carey Grant

    • Cindy Turco
    • 2008-01-13

    I love Carey Grant. I believe that he is one of the most talented actors. He can make you laugh or cry or both. He was extremely handsom at any age, from young to old...can't beat Carey Grant.

  • Enough Already

    • Matthew Arnold
    • 2008-01-02

    Why is TCM listing Randolph Scott as Grant's "companion"? There is no basis for this innuendo except for some highly dubious comments by Boze Hadleigh and Arthur Laurents, who both make wild claims that cannot be substantiated. It has now become a commonplace that Grant was gay or bisexual, although there is no evidence to support that assertion while there is plenty to contradict it, incluiding the rather vivid testimony of Betsy Drake in the documentary that TCM commissioned and aired.

  • Carey Grant

    • Joy Byfield
    • 2007-12-30

    He is one of the best actor. I love his movies my fav is Room for one more. I can not find it no where.


    • Geo
    • 2007-12-27

    I was born in the late 60's so growing up Cary Grant had little effect on me. I thought DeNiro was the best, until I discover Grant. The only black and white films/shows that I watched was the Little Rascals. I started watching TCM a few years ago and discovered this incredible Actor Cary Grant. I have seen 1000's of movies and can say without any hesitation that he is the most captivating and skilled performer I have or will ever see on screen, his personality and timing are unlike any actor that lived. I TIVO every Cary Grant movie on TCM and watch them over and over again. THANK YOU TCM for allowing me to discover Cary Grant and countless other screen actors of eras gone by.

  • Everybody wants to be Cary Grant...

    • Gerry
    • 2007-11-16

    And why not? He was arguably the most charming and gracious actor in the history of cinema. Grant was a great actor, and sometimes I don't feel he gets enough recognition for his range. Comedy, drama, romance, suspense, thrillers, Cary could do it all. Well, almost everything. Period pictures did not fit Cary well. Still, he's among the all-time great actors. Perhaps the definitive line about Cary Grant in one of his movies comes from Charade. When asked by Audrey Hepburn what was wrong with him? She replies, "nothing."

  • Room for One More

    • Carolyn Gabrielli
    • 2007-11-15

    Why have you never shown this movie? Its an outstanding movie. Its been at least 30 years since its been seen by me, I don't even think anyone has seen this movie at TCM for you have never shown it, cause I have been waiting a long time. Of Course, I couldn't remember the title but I sure would like to know why you haven't shown it.

  • Cary Grant, No other actor like him

    • Shelly
    • 2007-11-03

    Cary Grant is probably my all time favorite actor. There was nobody else with his charisma in his time or in ours. One of my favorite films of Grants or any others that is not mentioned here is Arsenic and Old Lace.


    • MANDY
    • 2007-09-20


  • Cary!

    • Carol
    • 2007-09-17

    One of the best and handsomest actors ever.

  • the love of my life

    • luz zaval
    • 2007-08-29

    i fell in love with cary grant watching his movies and still love him to this day.

  • What a charming man Cary Grant was!

    • Irene Kaye
    • 2007-08-23

    Audrey Hepburn's comment in "Charade" sums up the whole persona of Cary Grant when she asks him "Do you know what's wrong with you? Nothing." The more I watch his movies the more I admire his persona. He acted in so many different roles but in every character he played the charm and charisma was there. If only the men of today could have an iota of that consummate style.

  • the perfect leading man

    • cju
    • 2007-08-13

    I fell in love with Cary Grant several years ago - I found out about him in my twenties and since then i've been watching everything I can get my hands on. He is so versatile - from the philadelphia story, bringing up baby, the awful truth, His Girl Friday to Gunga Din, to Houseboat and Father Goose to his Hitchcock Triumphs: North by Northwest, To Catch a Thief, Notorious and then of course his amazing chemistry with so many leading ladies: katharine and Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day, Irene Dunne, Sophia Loren, Ingrid Bergman. Talented, classy, charming and versatile. What more can you want from a single performer?

  • charming

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    I love him. Good man. Swet and charming.

  • The Ultimate Sophisticate

    • Damon
    • 2007-06-13

    The man every woman wanted and every man wanted to be, Cary Grant was the quintessential urbane gentleman with a range that included romantic leads, screwball comedy, drama and adventure. Among the best male film stars of all time, he never disappointed his audience.

  • One in a million!

    • Kathy
    • 2007-06-13

    He was the best. I adore him. What a gentleman and what a funny man!!

  • None other like him!!!!

    • CK Dexter Haven
    • 2007-06-11

    There will never be another Cary.

  • We'll never see the likes of him again.

    • Renee N.
    • 2007-05-02

    Cary Grant was everything you could ever want in a movie star - period.

  • The Greatest Actor

    • Patti Carnithan
    • 2007-02-10

    Cary Grant is by far my favorite actor. I have almost all of his films most in DVD others in VHS. He has always been charming in his movies, even when he was being bad, he was incredible! I just missed seeing him in Davenport Iowa. I was standing in the lobby when I was sent home, he died that night, I still have my ticket. It was a very sad few days for me. I have many favorite movies, "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House", "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" and "That Touch of MinK"! In my opinion, there has never been another like him and I believe there never will be! ~Patti

  • One of the greats.

    • Chris Farmer
    • 2007-02-08

    Cary Grant is probably the funniest actor who is not considered a comedian. Most people think of him as a sex symbol, but he is so much more than that. His ability to do comedy, especially screwball, is amazing. He is a great perfomer, and has contributed to some of cinema's funniest moments.

  • I'm in love with Cary Grant!

    • Marcia
    • 2007-02-03

    I love Cary Grant. He is my favorite actor. My favorite movie is The Philadelphia Story, although I love them all. My mother started me at a young age watching old movies. At 27, the only people my age that love old movies--is ME!! Doesn't bother me. I just curl up in my big chair or my bed and fantasize about me being his leading lady!!!


    • Dajana
    • 2007-01-21



    • KATHY
    • 2007-01-21



    • Anna
    • 2007-01-16

    I love watching Cary Grant movies. Everything about him is wonderful, his walk, his talk.. I always say I was born in wrong error, because Cary Grant is the man of my dreams.. The men of today have nothing on him.. He is incredible I am soooOOO in LOVE..

  • Haaandsome!!!

    • Phyllis
    • 2007-01-04

    My daughter and I love watching Cary Grant movies! He was so charming, sexy and funny! What more could a woman ask for?!

  • Cary Grant 1 Heck of a Handsome Fellow

    • Alma I Kelly
    • 2006-11-29

    Not only was Mr Grant a realy handsome man but a fantastic actor and he had such a dapper style about matter the film he was in he alway's seems to speak out to us a little lesson in life..and on this Anniversary of this Wonderfull Actor's Death, I'd like to say he's not been forgotten but Sadly missed but we are left with his immortal handsome face in movie's he was in though the years...if u love Mr Cary Grant as much as I do say a pray 4 him..remember when he was a angel in the Bishop's Wife? thats what he is right now up in heaven...god bless u Arch..aka Cary Sincerely your loyal fan Alma..

  • Cary Grant is the Greatest

    • Laura
    • 2006-11-28

    I Love Cary! He has always been able to melt my heart!

  • I totally Agree!!!

    • Ashley
    • 2006-10-18

    I completely agree about the Cary Grant month for November. He's a great actor and I love all his movies. I dont think that there isnt a one that I didnt like.

  • Why Not Have a Cary Grant Day in November?

    • linda
    • 2006-10-16

    It will be 20 years ago in November that Cary Grant died of a stroke. Why not have a day or even two dedicated to his films? My favorites are Indiscreet, Charade, North by Northwest, Mr. Lucky, Suspicion, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House,Philadelphia Story,Holiday, Bringing Up Baby and To Catch a Theif.

  • no argument!

    • michael york
    • 2006-09-28

    he is the best ever the apotheosis of a movie star he reinvented and literally willed himself to be a star and in the process became the greatest actor in the history of cinema his work in suspicion and notorious is dark and sexual yet also brutal he was romantic and suave yet also silly and insouciant so many defined and iconic performances! he could do anything and everything there will never be anyone to top him and if someone happened to come along to do that in the future i would consider that a true miracle!

  • Arguably the best ever,

    • carol
    • 2006-08-26

    He was the best and the handsomest, besides being versatile. Good business sense. I enjoy his films, whereas I never did before. One of a kind.

  • wonderful!

    • kela
    • 2006-08-23

    There simply is no better actor! I could watch him everyday. He really was one of a kind!

  • Awesome!

    • Brandice
    • 2006-08-20

    He is my favorite actor of all time. He is amazing, and he can fill a varity of roles.

  • Whoa!

    • Laurenf
    • 2006-07-09

    Without a doubt the greatest actor of all times. He was able to make you laugh, cry, or scream. Marvelous!

  • Wow

    • Lauren
    • 2006-06-16

    Great performer, keeps you laughing.

  • The One and Only Cary Grant!

    • MB
    • 2006-05-30

    Cary was a "one and only" kind of actor. There has never been anyone as unique on the screen. He was a brilliant screen comedian. However, he also was a brilliant dramatic actor. Actors have come and gone (some of which have been compared to him) but no one holds the place in Hollywood history that Cary Grant carved out for himself!

  • No better!

    • kelly
    • 2006-05-05

    Is there a better actor than Cary Grant? Not a chance! His movies are timeless. People of all ages love them. Its wonderful that there is still so much interest in such a good actor.

  • Good Clean Entertainment

    • Rose
    • 2006-05-04

    They don't make movies like Cary Grants anymore. What good, clean, feel good movies they were. If I had the time I would watch them all day!

  • The love he never new!

    • Debra Ray
    • 2006-04-26

    Mr.Grant is one of the best actor's, I think to every act. I will sit all day and just have a cary grant day at home. I never miss one of his movies if I can help. I have purchased as many of his movies off of Amazon when ever I can. My son just shakes his head and says MOTHER please. I love Cary Grant he is a MAN'S MAN!

  • I can't say enough

    • Jess
    • 2006-03-29

    There are not enough words to describe how I feel about Cary Grant. Incredible Wonderful, Timeless, Amazing, Classic. None of the do him justice. I am currently doing a paper on him and it saddens me as I interview people how may people have forgotten him. As a result it has become one of my missions in life to raise awareness of the marvelous man.

  • Cary Grant

    • Bella
    • 2006-03-24

    I think he should have won an oscar for the Philadelphia Story or North by Northwest. Suspicion. Just to name a few. He was a very fine actor. I think he showed a lot of "class" in whatever movie he was in.

  • Cary Grant

    • Leah
    • 2006-02-22

    Cary Grant is my all time favorite actor. There is something so comforting about him. He was so gorgeous, I love looking at him. He was also an amazing actor. I adore Cary Grant!


    • 2006-02-16

    So often Cary Grant conveyed his feelings or reactions by a raised eyebrow, a gentle smile, a quick double take, or a shrug of the shoulders. He was a master at conveying through body language a myriad of emotions without alot of dialogue. His timing was impecable in both drama and comedy. I've often made the statement that there wasn't a Cary Grant film I didn't enjoy. I have passed on that admiration of his talent to a new generation - all three of my daughters (21-28 years old) recognize and appreciate his mastery of delivering outstanding performances film after film!

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